3 things you need to know about SEO

15 Sep 3 things you need to know about SEO

In a previous article we have specified the best ways to increase your website’s traffic, such as Search engine optimization (SEO). Today’s article tells you what you need to know about SEO and for you to make sure not to miss them in your SEO marketing strategy.

Mobile SEO is important:

There has been an increase of the use of mobiles phones and this trend just keeps increasing. More and more users check their social media, websites, or even purchase a product from their mobile phones. So what you need to do, is make sure that your website is mobile friendly and your SEO strategy is also adjusted to meet a mobile’s device requirements. You do not need to make big changes from your normal SEO strategy, but you do need to make few small adjustments, for example:

  • Page load time is a priority. Its vital for SEO that the loading of your page speed on a mobile is fast.

  • Make sure that your website’s content is supported by Google, and it makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. Avoid adding popups, Google’s only goal is for the searcher to find its answer instantly. Do not make it more difficult for the user to reach the information they need to.

Content is King”:

This is the holy grail for every marketing strategy. Content is vital for your digital marketing either its text, videos, pictures or a combination of them. The content on your website has to be relevant to the keywords a user might search for. The more relevant your content is, the higher your website will rank on search engines.

Social Media Networking:

It goes without saying that being present in social media platforms can only be beneficial for your business (when used right). You can use your social media to redirect users to your website, by posting & sharing links that lead back to your website. You have to make sure that the link has the relevant keyword and the relevant information.

In conclusion, Social media and Mobile devices are trends that keep rising and have an important impact in online marketing. You need to make sure that your content is relevant, your website and social media are connected. Use them to your benefit and always keep up to date with Google’s changes so you won’t be left behind in SEO.