5 ways to increase your website’s traffic

01 Sep 5 ways to increase your website’s traffic

Having a website is the first step in your digital marketing strategy but what do you do once your website is ready? How do you get people to view your website? In this week’s article we briefly state the best 5 ways to increase your website’s traffic. 

Search engine optimization (SEO): Having a great looking website designed and built for your business will definitely help you establish your brand. But how does that help the clients find your business? SEO is a necessary add on for your Internet Marketing strategy. SEO will help you grow & promote your business brand online, it will increase your website’s traffic over the long term in the relevant content and keywords. 

“Without SEO, you’ll stay invisible on the Web”


Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social Media a must have ingredient for your digital marketing strategy. It does not matter what type of business you are in, you might be an artist, a part-time blogger, a small business or huge cooperation but you have a unique brand.  Social Media Marketing will help you promote your unique brand, develop it into profit and establish relationships with your clients. The most used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Depending on what you sell or what type of service you provide you will choose the most suitable social media platform for your brand


Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a great & cost effective tool to have in your Digital/Internet marketing strategy. It is a perfect way to maintain your client relationships, by updating them with your recent offers, discounts, services or any news they will be interested to know


Videos: YouTube, Vimeo, Vines and many other video platforms have also become important. People now prefer visual insights and it is easier for viewers to understand your business. Video platforms are also used from Tv’s, game consoles etc. Nowadays there are many ways to distribute a video online and you can make sure that your video will lead to your website &  to your brand.


Google AdWords: or pay per click (PPC) is another way for you to advertise your website. You can choose the relevant keywords and your website/brand will appear in Google search results paid ads. Every time a person clicks on your ad will be led to your website you will be then be charged per click and you can check how much a keyword costs. It is necessary that you do a good research to find the most suitable keywords.

To conclude, these are only few ways to increase your website’s traffic. It is always better that you mix these up in order to create a good recipe for your digital marketing strategy.