Facebook Page Picture Size Guide

30 Sep Facebook Page Picture Size Guide

We are being asked by many about the picture sizes in Facebook business pages. So we decided to publish a short guide to make it easier for you.  Managing a Facebook page needs your undivided attention & time. What size should the cover photo be or what size should the profile picture be? Sometimes it can be frustrating when you share & post pictures but you do not have the best results because they are cropped and parts of the picture are not shown.  Facebook has set sizes of pictures when posting. 

Facebook Cover Photo Size

The cover photo is displayed at 851px wide x 315px height. Or you can upload a larger image, in which case you’ll be given a chance to move the image & crop the way you would like. 

Facebook cover photo size

Facebook Profile Picture Size

You have to upload an image at least 180px by 180px. It’s displayed at 160px by 160px. There is a thin white border, it is added automatically and it cannot be removed. 


Facebook profile picture size


Facebook Shared Link Thumbnail Size

When you share a link on Facebook you also have the chance to upload an image yourself. There are different ways that Facebook displays thumbnail images with links. Ideally, you can get full-width thumbnails  at 470px by 246px.


Shared link thumbnail size copy


Facebook One Photo on the Timeline Size

When you upload an image to the timeline, the photo size that fits within the box automatically is 470px by 470px


One photo on the timeline


We hope this guide has helped you with managing your Facebook page and posting the right sizes of images so you can get the maximum impact. If you have any questions you can email us, call us, or simply chat with us on Facebook. If you would like to see more tutorials or guides in Digital Marketing send us your requests and we will do our best to provide you with one.