Web Design Trends 2015

25 Aug Web Design Trends 2015


  1. Big = Impressive: “Big is Impressive” is the principle of today’s web design. Designers have been using full-width images or even videos on the homepage and very few words are being used; sometimes even the navigation is not visible. This is a “cinematic” kind of way for businesses to present themselves. Users get the maximum impact from this type of website.


  1. Scrolling only: Single page websites is another common used trend in 2015. Single page websites load faster and function really good on mobile devices and tablets. However, using multiple pages in your website is better from the SEO perspective.


  1. Mobile First WebDesign: It is without saying that now users use their mobile device more than the desktop. Websites that fail to provide the user a pleasant experience on their mobile they lose their interest which leads to money losses.


  1. Card/Tiles Based WebDesign: This trend is not new in the web design world but it is a trend that has significantly caught up with it.  Because of its modular based design, the tiles come together nicely on different screens, they can also present content and images in a clean and versatile way. All in all the card based WebDesign is a very responsive-friendly trend.


In conclusion, these trends are not new in 2015 but they have been becoming popular since 2014. Some will fade away and some will change because web design is evolving quickly according to technology’s developments and user’s experiences. These are few of the most popular trends mentioned here, if you are about to get a website or revamp an old one it’s good to have in mind the best trends that can help your business provide the best quality experience to your users. Below you can see different examples for each trend. 



Hayat Sayed  is an haute couture fashion designer and her website was designed to showcase her elegant & unique collections using the full width background for a maximum impact.

Hayat Sayed



Ang Lee’s Oscar winning movie Life of Pi takes full advantage of the full width screen using as a background, scenes from the movie. You can view the full impact of how beautiful and impressive a full screen video is.

lifeofpi video website




Rimmel showcases beautifully their products using parallax and scrolling only effect. The Menu is clear and the user’s experience is not compromised.

rimmellondon scrolling website



Etsy is a popular ecommerce website where you can buy or sell vintage or handmade products. Once you visit their mobile website you have the option to search for an item and there are thumbnail images of their most popular products on Etsy. The images are big enough for the user’s to view items or tap on them.

etsy1 mobilewebsite


Clipsofa is an entertainment website where you can view funny videos, images, and different other stories. It is a perfect example of the card/tiled based website.

 Clipsofa tiled website